Tips for Avoiding Chipped Teeth

Chipped teeth are painful, and even when they don’t cause any particular oral health issue, they can cause cosmetic concerns. If you experience a chipped tooth, get urgent dental care in Manhattan or Riverdale, NY, so you can get rid of your tooth pain and get treatment before the chip worsens. Of course, although your emergency dentist can restore your chipped tooth, preventing chips is a better strategy. Reduce your chances of breaking a tooth with this advice. chipped - tooth

Watch Out for Bones

Many people who chip their teeth do so when they’re enjoying a meal. Biting into chicken, ribs, or other meat that is on the bone leaves you vulnerable to chipping a tooth. Consider choosing boneless foods instead to protect yourself from this kind of injury. If you do eat food on the bone, take careful bites and reduce the urge to gnaw at meat that is directly against the bone, so you can focus on dessert instead of a trip to the dentist.

Give Up Your Ice Chewing Habit

For many people, chewing ice is such a habit that they don’t even realize that they are doing it. Unfortunately, ice is one of the most common culprits behind chipped teeth. Even if you have chewed on ice in the past without incident, the time to give up the habit is now. You could be one ice cube away from needing an emergency dentist. If your habit started as a way to cool down, keep chilled water handy so you can stay comfortable without risking your teeth.

Wear a Mouth Guard When You’re Active

Never take part in any kind of contact sports without wearing a mouth guard. It doesn’t matter if your game is strictly for weekend warriors and that contact is kept to a minimum. All it takes is one misplaced elbow for a chipped tooth to happen. Make mouth guards a standard part of your game every time you play.