How to Handle Common Dental Emergencies

Few things hurt quite like tooth pain. When something is acutely wrong with your oral health, you need to visit an emergency dentist in Manhattan or Riverdale, NY. Call the office ahead of time, and let the receptionist know that you have a dental emergency. You’ll receive additional instructions to follow while you’re on your way to the office. toothache - pain


Toothaches are among the most common dental emergencies. Fortunately, they’re often minor. Swish warm water around your mouth. Then, gently floss to remove any lodged food debris that could be causing your pain. If there’s nothing obvious causing your tooth pain, or if flossing didn’t work, call your dentist’s office. In the meantime, place a cold compress against the exterior of your jaw to relieve the pain and swelling.

Knocked-Out Teeth

Sports activities are a common cause of knocked-out teeth, also called avulsed teeth. This dental emergency can also be caused by a bad fall, car accident, or act of violence. It may be possible to save the tooth, but you need to act right away. Pick up the tooth by the crown, which is the white part. It’s okay to gently rinse the tooth, but never try to scrub the root or remove anything stuck to it. You’ll need to get to your dentist within an hour to have the best chance of saving the tooth. While you’re on your way, try to put the tooth back in place, but don’t force it in. If you can’t put the tooth back in, you’ll need to place it in a cup of cell growth medium, which is available at drugstores. Alternatively, place the tooth in a cup of milk or water with a little salt.

Lost Crown

The loss of a dental crown can be quite painful. Your dentist will need to replace the crown as soon as possible, but in the meantime, you can dab a little clove oil to the area using a sterile cotton swab. This will help relieve the pain. You can also purchase dental cement at any drugstore. Apply this product to the inside of the crown, and then position the crown back in place. Make sure it’s facing the right way.