Porcelain Crowns 101

Your teeth are strong, but they’re not invincible. If you experience cracked, damaged, or broken teeth in Manhattan and Riverdale, NY, you can talk to your emergency dentist about a restoration. Modern porcelain crowns can restore damaged teeth and replace missing teeth, filling your smile out seamlessly. Severe damage to your teeth may affect more than just your smile, and you might have trouble eating or speaking normally. Porcelain crowns can fix these aesthetic, functional, and oral health issues. Continue reading for a crash course in porcelain crowns.

Dental crowns can be used to address a number of dental problems. Broken fillings, cracked teeth, and even lost teeth can be repaired thanks to porcelain crowns. If a tooth is severely worn down, a dental crown can be placed over it to restore its surface area. This makes it a more functional tooth, and it revives your smile at the same time. Your dentist can make your porcelain crown look exactly like your natural teeth, so other people won’t even know it’s a prosthetic. If you lose a tooth and you need a dental implant, the post will be capped with a dental crown as well.

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