Signs That You Should Call Your Dentist About Tooth Pain

Sometimes tooth pain in Manhattan and Riverdale, NY is no big deal, but other times it may be the sign of a dental emergency. This is why you should know when to deal with the pain yourself and when to call your emergency dentist for assistance. If your tooth hurts and has become sensitive to temperature, you might need medical help. You should also let your emergency dentist know if your pain is the result of an injury or if it won’t go away. Read ahead to learn more about the signs that you should call your dentist about tooth pain. tooth - pain

You’re Sensitive to Temperature

Tooth pain alone may be related to a wealth of different oral health conditions, but you should pay extra attention to tooth pain that comes with sensitivity. If you have a hard time chewing especially cold or hot foods, you might want to let your dentist know about the issue. This can limit your diet, and it can lead to unnecessary pain. Next time you’re enjoying an ice cream cone and notice a pain in your tooth, be sure to tell your dentist about it so you can seek treatment.

You’ve Been Injured

Some people experience tooth pain because they’ve been involved in some sort of accident and suffered damage to the tooth as a result. This can happen while you’re involved in a sporting event, but it can also happen in countless other situations. If you trip and fall down and end up hitting your tooth on the ground, you could find yourself dealing with some significant tooth pain. Even though it’s not a result of an oral health condition, your emergency dentist should still be able to help.

The Pain Won’t Stop

It’s normal to feel a small amount of pain or discomfort after a dental restoration. However, this pain shouldn’t take too long to dissipate. If your tooth pain continues to linger, there might be an issue to address. Give your emergency dentist a call and see what you can do about your lingering tooth pain so you can be comfortable.