Dealing with an Uncomfortable Mouth Guard

Your mouth guard will help to protect your teeth from trauma and keep your oral health in great standing, and in turn you may avoid dental emergencies in Manhattan and Riverdale, NY. An uncomfortable mouth guard can be distracting, but there are ways you can deal with it and keep your head in the game. You may need the help of your dentist, but it’s a perfectly treatable problem. Feel free to keep reading if you’re wondering what you can do about your uncomfortable mouth guard.

It’s crucial to have a quality mouth guard if you want to protect your oral health while on the football field or the hockey rink. Many people have problems with their mouth guards, which makes them stop using them and increases their risk for injury. Sometimes you might even have the wrong sized mouth guard. If this is the case, you can simply talk to your dentist about finding one that fits better. Your mouth guard might take up too much of your mouth, or it might slide around in your mouth. Sometimes mouth guards use too much material, which can also be problematic. No matter what the problem is, your dentist can fix it.

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