Be Kind to Your Sensitive Teeth

Procedures like teeth whitening in Manhattan and Riverdale, NY can temporarily make your teeth sensitive, and some people experience tooth sensitivity on a regular basis. If you already have sensitive teeth and decide to undergo teeth whitening in your dentist’s office, you should be extra-careful to avoid anything that will trigger your sensitivity. Don’t let sensitivity ruin your motivation to practice proper dental hygiene, or you’ll just end up dealing with more problems in the future. Whether you usually have sensitivity, you’re getting ready for a dental procedure, or both, read on to learn how to be kind to your sensitive teeth.

Tooth sensitivity can be more than just an inconvenience, and you might be sensitive to temperature, pressure, or even contact of any kind. Being kind to your teeth will reduce your symptoms and your discomfort, but what does this entail? First of all, consider the tools you use when you go through your dental hygiene routine. Choose a soft-bristled toothbrush and an extra soft type of floss so you don’t accidentally rough up your enamel while you brush or floss. Your technique is also important—you can brush and floss effectively without using too much force.

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