Could a Straw Be the Answer to Whiter Teeth?

If you enjoy drinking coffee, soda, or other beverages, you may find that you have to schedule routine teeth bleaching appointments with your dentist in Riverdale. In order to protect your teeth from staining substances, there are a few steps that you can take between your teeth whitening appointments. When giving up your coffee in favor of whiter teeth does not seem like a reasonable option, you may want to consider sipping your favorite drinks through a straw.

Using a straw will allow you to consume your hot coffee without flooding your mouth with potentially staining liquids. As you drink through a straw, your beverage will bypass your teeth, leaving them white and free of stains. To boost the whiteness of your smile even more, it is a great idea to sign up for teeth laser bleaching at your dentist’s office. Professional whitening services will provide you with the white smile that you have always wanted.

drink - straw