Debunking the Myths About Root Canals

If you suspect that your tooth has infected root canals, then it is imperative to see your dentist near Manhattan and Riverdale, NY. You may have heard myths surrounding the root canal procedure, but it is often as simple as a dentist filling a cavity. Here are some of the most prevalent myths, and the truth behind them, that surround root canal therapy: root - canal

Myth #1: Tooth extraction is better than root canal therapy.

It is crucial that you keep your teeth as healthy and intact as possible. If you have teeth extracted often—rather than saving them through root canal therapy—then you could experience bone loss in your jaw, lowered dental health, and difficulty maintaining a healthy diet. Root canal therapy provides a better solution to care for your infected tooth without having to lose it. You can save your tooth and save yourself future pain and expense from multiple teeth extractions.

Myth #2: Root canal therapy is a painful procedure.

There is a common myth that the root canal procedure is painful and debilitating. However, root canal therapy is a very similar procedure to a routine cavity filling. The dentist will numb the area, so you do not feel any pain or discomfort. He will sterilize the area and drill a small hole in the side of the tooth. He can easily reach and clean out the infected roots. The dentist will seal the roots against bacteria and possibly place a crown over the tooth. This tooth restoration will match your tooth surface and keep it protected in the years to come.

Myth #3: The tooth doesn’t hurt, so I don’t need the procedure.

If you do not feel pain in your tooth, your dentist may still perform root canal therapy. You may not feel pain because a fistula, which looks like a pimple on your gum, helps funnel pus away from the damaged roots. However, this fistula, and the accompanying infection, must be taken care of right away by your dentist to avoid further damage and future pain.